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Kate Upton was recently spotted at the arrivals gate at LAX carrying a classic Chanel Cerf Tote. This particularly oversized version of the Cerf Tote seems to make an exceptionally good carry-on for a celeb on the go. Kate also seems to be quite partial to this particular shade of indigo blue – we spotted her with a gorgeous croc Celine bag a few months ago that was the exact same shade! You can now shop an assortment of pre-owned and vintage Chanel bags and accessories at ShopBop.Chanel UK Yesterday news broke that Ms. Upton is reportedly in talks to star (most likely as herself) in the upcoming “Entourage” movie adaptation, which will start shooting next year. If you were wondering, Kate has only a smattering of small acting gigs on her resume, but that’s never stopped a beautiful supermodel from breaking into movie stardom before.

The danger starts when you think that you got it all; you don’t need another ‘bag’, ‘shoe’ or ‘clothes’. Perhaps not now, but how about tomorrow? Fashion never ends, it’s the same like ‘love’. You can’t force it and it has to come naturally. Chanel Bags Outlet Never will you know when you are going to meet the ‘perfect’ bag and it can happen at any moment, any day. Perhaps one day you open up your mailbox and read one of our newsletters (remember to subscribe) to find a picture, modeling the most beautiful bag in the world. Or you accidentally see a post on Facebook (Like us if you love what we are doing!) that features the latest Chanel bag that got you mesmerize, hypnotize and fallen in love. When that little bag on a white horse is coming, you will feel that in your stomach and your subconsious mind will go wild: ‘I gotta get that bag.It’s never too early to get informed about newest Chanel Bags that are not being sold worldwide yet. Like this Chanel boy cube flap from the Cruise 2014 collection. Do you know why girls love the boy bag? Not because its boyish, but it got that masculine feminine power; big chain, new hard-core Chanel CC boy logo and the unexplainable irresistible attraction. Every girl should own a Chanel classic flap bag, but they should own at least one Chanel boy bag too.2014 Chanel The new Chanel cube bag is embellished with a beautiful enameled clasp and checkered pattern contrasts. Made from soft lambskin and for now, it only comes in shiny gold hardware. On available in limited colors, but timeless and can be worn in all season. We hope you love what we are sharing on Bragmybag and keep following us on Facebook.

Oh my, oh boy, tighten your belt and get ready for the new Chanel bag collection, it’s going to be a wild ride. The iconic Chanel no. 5 perfume bottle clutch got me very excited, I love it, but it’s nothing compared to the bags that we are about to show. All from the Cruise 2014 collection and they are getting ready to be stored in your local Chanel boutique. Yesterday you got to meet the new Chanel Boy Cube Bag in checkered red, but that was just the tip of the ice berg.Chanel Bags Today you will find the rest of the line, including the cube bag in red/grey and gold/red and black.Did you wish for the Chevron flap in sky blue? Well, it’s going to be released. The biggest highlights are the new flap bags in beautiful mix of colors, patterns and hardware. So gorgeous, it’s to-die-for. For the overly chic fashionista, how does the classic flap bag in felt and pearls sound? It’s going to conquer your big heart, Chanel has finished it with red and white stripes. Love!Spring is the moment of life! That’s exactly how it feels; flowers start to blossom, trees are turning green, birds are preparing their voices to sing, walk in the garden full of nature and peace, take the classic flap bag in red flower patterns. It’s beautifully girlish.Karl Lagerfeld took the tradition back to Chanel, pearls here and pearls there, the classic flap embroidered with sequins and pearls gives your outfit the energy of life, mixed with exciting colors like blue, red and white. Shop Chanel It’s time to make a statement.Experiment on the next level, inspiration overdoses, this is happening to Chanel. Taking an iconic classic flap bag and tuned into something exciting and different is the fruit of the cruise 2014 collection. Whatever your taste is, Chanel has it; striped check!, iconic check!, floral prints check! New boy bags check! Which one is on your wish list?

Chanel Limited Edition Saint Tropez is a bag that is very well suited for under to shore with a style that is very special and very beautiful. This Chanel bag is chic to lover’s beach. And designed by Karl Lagerfeld. Chanel Limited Edition Saint Tropez beach towel tote bag made of straw mats included terry and reversible. It is exclusively offered in stores pop up Chanel in Saint Tropez. With the price of $ 1, 650.00 USD. And this Tote made of terry cloth with leather trim. Chanel St. Chanel Bags Online Tropez pop up store will be open until October 6, 2013 at 10: 00 AM to 8: 00 pm. below are photos from the Chanel Limited Edition Saint Tropez. Chanel fall and winter 2013 Bag is a handbag collection for years now this once very popular and many in search of the women in the world. This Chanel bag appeared in the autumn of 2013 with a very elegant style. Chanel Outlet Lego bags Clutch bag from a collection of spring 2013 for this season’s tweed and mixed with black or white or black, pink and white. The bag boy also return and are available in sizes. Men Chanel also appeared with chain with a very special ornament. New styles such as Chanel clutch Plexiglass Globe and brick Boy very in love about women. Brick Boy is a mini flap with CC logo big silver that is very stunning. Chanel fall and winter 2013 Bag is also included in the shops and will come next month. Below are the latest collection from Chanel Fall and winter 2013 Bag.

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